5 Facts about Doni Salmanan who asked Reza Arap to collect IDR 1 billion, he used to be a parking attendant

Suara.com – Doni Salmanan’s name went viral in cyberspace after a YouTuber successfully made a fantastic donation to the well-known gaming streamer, Reza Arap. What are Doni Salmanan’s facts?

Doni Salmanan was unmitigated in donating to Arap. The amount of donations reached Rp. 1 Billion. The surprising action occurred when Reza Arap did a live streaming of the Ragnarok X game through his YouTube channel on Sunday (4/7/2020) early in the morning.

        Reza Arap Donates IDR 1 Billion by Doni Salmanan (YouTube/yb)
Reza Arap Donates IDR 1 Billion by Doni Salmanan (YouTube/yb)

Reza Arap then expressed his surprise through his personal Twitter account @yourbae. Initially, he admitted that he received a donation of Rp. 400 million from a man named Doni Salmanan.

“I was donated by a man named Doni Salmanan 400 million rupiah in just 15 minutes of streaming,” he tweeted as quoted by Suara.com, Sunday (4/7).

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Then the donation continues to grow until it reaches Rp. 1 Billion. After receiving the donation, Reza Arap then expressed his feelings. According to him, getting Rp 1 billion in 1 hour 45 minutes is crazy.

“Maybe there are more than Rp 1 billion but within 1 hour 45 minutes Rp 1 billion, that’s crazy, man,” said Arap Reza Arap after receiving the donation.

Curious who Doni Salmanan is? Check out the following facts:

1. Collection of expensive motorbikes and cars

Doni Salmanan's profile.  (Instagram/donnalmanan)
Doni Salmanan’s profile. (Instagram/donnalmanan)

The name Doni Salmanan is often discussed by young people, especially among young millennials and Gen Z. It is natural that this man is considered successful at the age of 30.

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On his Instagram account @donisalmanan and his Youtube channel KING SALMANAN, Doni often shares trading tips showing off his collection of motorbikes and sports cars.

Doni owns a number of sport bikes, including the Ducati Panigale V4S, Ninja H2R, BMW S 1000 RR, Harley Davidson, and Yamaha All New R1M. The price of each motorbike reaches hundreds of millions of rupiah.

In addition, Doni also collects super expensive luxury sports cars, such as Lamborghini and BMW.

2. Not born into a rich family

Behind his success, Doni was not born into a rich family. He has even been refused work here and there because he only has an elementary school diploma (SD). At that time, he was going back and forth using his father’s old motorbike.

3. Was a parking attendant and office boy

After repeatedly being rejected from work, finally Doni was able to work as a parking attendant. Even so, he never gave up.

In his heart, Doni always believed that he would be successful in the future, as long as he kept trying to develop himself. At that time, Doni only had one dream, that one day he would feel how his vehicle was parked by someone else.

Doni Salmanan then ventured to apply for a job at a bank as an Office Boy. He worked diligently while constantly thinking that there was no way he could be like that forever. Because, there must be parents who are financed, especially if you are married and have children.

In fact, his income at that time was not even enough to meet his own needs.

4. Success from gaming and trading

Doni Salmanan's profile.  (Instagram/donnalmanan)
Doni Salmanan’s profile. (Instagram/donnalmanan)

Doni believes if work is done with passion, success will come naturally. At that time, his hobby was playing games on his cellphone.

So, he tried to become a global top Mobile Legend player, then gradually became a Youtuber and tried to trade.

With only Rp 500 thousand in capital, Doni can earn up to Rp 28 million from trading. From there he began to collect motorcycles that he could only dream of.

5. CEO of Salmanan Group

Judging from the Instagram bio, the man who likes to create giveaway content with luxurious prizes is the CEO of Salmanan Group

Doni Salman. [Instagram]
Doni Salman. [Instagram]

The Salmanan Group manages the Salmanan Production and coffee shop business.

6. Dear mother

In a post on Instagram @donisalmanan, he wrote, “Work hard until you can bring mamah in a supercar and laugh together in it.”

Yup, in the video, it appears that Doni invites his mother to try out the supercar while continuing to chat and joke. Doni seems to want to show that success is meaningless if it is not dedicated to loved ones, like his mother.

those are five facts about Doni Salmanan. After donating Rp1 billion to Reza Arap, this man also refused to return the money. Doni admitted that he really enjoyed Reza Arap’s expression during streaming which he found very entertaining.

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