5 Differences between Analog TV and Digital TV

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Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Ministry of Communication and Informatics) plans to move terrestrial television broadcasting from analog to digital in three stages.

The transition, which was supposed to start in August this year, was postponed to April 2022 and is targeted for completion on November 2, 2022.

Injection dead analog TV raises a lot of questions and confusion in the community about the difference between analog TV and digital TV.

Many people think that the transition from analog TV to digital TV must buy a new TV, so that old TVs such as tube TVs can no longer be used.

In order not to misunderstand and at the same time dismiss this assumption, here is a review of the differences between analog and digital TV.

Overview of Analog TV and Digital TV

Reporting from the Kominfo page, digital television broadcasts use digital signal modulation and compression systems that present images with sharper and cleaner quality.

Plus, the sound is crisper and clearer, resembling the picture and sound quality of YouTube, Netflix, and the like.

In broadcasting, digital tv only recognizes two states, receive (1) or not (0). If the broadcast receiving device can capture the digital signal, then the picture and sound can be enjoyed.

While analog TV can be interpreted as a TV that depends on the frequency of the signal emitted by the transmitter. The farther the antenna is from the transmitter location, the worse the image will be.

This is due to the weak transmitter signal received by the antenna. Not to mention the weather problems that also affect the capture of TV signals which have an impact on poor picture and sound quality.

However, nowadays analog TV owners can still enjoy digital TV broadcasts without having to buy a new TV. People simply use a device called a set top box (STB) which is installed in the old TV.

A set top box is a tool for capturing digital broadcasts so that they can be received by analog TV sets.

Difference between Analog TV and Digital TV

Rear view of children watching TV while relaxing in the living room.The difference between analog TV and digital TV (Photo: iStockphoto/LumineImages)

1. Signal

In analog TV, it is only limited to receiving UHF antenna signals which are still in analog form, so they are vulnerable to experiencing noise, interference, and distortion. While digital TV can process signals both digital and analog.

2. TV Transmitter

Analog TV depends on the distance of the television transmitting station. The farther away the television transmitting station is from the receiving antenna, the weaker the signal will be, resulting in blurry, ghosting, and tingling images.

While digital TV does not depend on the distance from the transmitter.

3. Type of television

Analog TV is identical to its large shape (length and width to the back) or commonly known as tube TV.

Even so, analog TV is not just tube TV because there are also many flat screen TVs (LCD / LED) that can only capture analog broadcasts.

Analog TV needs the help of STB to capture digital broadcasts.

Smart TVs can be included in the digital TV category, but provided that the DTV option is available when searching for TV channels. The main feature of digital TV in Indonesia is that it has a DVB-T/T2 transmitter system.

4. Features

Analog TV does not have advanced features, while digital TV has interactive services and program schedules that have been and will be broadcast (Electronic Program Guide).

5. Image quality

The final difference between analog TV and digital TV lies in the quality of the display. Analog TV has a limited size with standard visual quality.

This is due to bandwidth limitations which have an impact on the image and sound quality which is very limited and cannot be improved any further.

While the picture quality on digital TV is clearer because it has a wide bandwidth. Digital TV is also supported with 16:9 broadcast format which provides high picture quality from High Definition (HD) to 4K.


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