5 Corners of Irwan Mussry’s Luxury Villas in Bali, Excited!


The life of a top artist is not far from the luxurious house you live in, Mother. Luxury homes seem to be one of the mandatory things that need to be reviewed here.

One artist who often gets the spotlight is the beautiful singer Maia Estianty, Mother. After marrying Irwan Mussry in 2018, he often goes home from Jakarta to Bali and occupies a luxury villa, you know.

Irwan Mussry Luxury VillaLuxury Villa Irwan Mussry/ Photo: YouTube MAIA ALELDUL TV

Even though the villa she lives in belongs to her husband, Irwan often provides a villa for this 45-year-old woman to spend time with her child or best friend, Mother. So sweet, yes.

Villa Irwan Mussry is very large and luxurious. This villa also has many rooms and faces directly to the sea.

How is the feng shui calculation of Irwan Mussry’s luxury villa?

Regarding architectural design, for a celebrity in the class of Irwan Mussry, it is certainly not arbitrary, Mother. With a modern feel, this luxury villa owned by Irwan Mussry consists of many rooms and a fairly large outdoor area.

Check out below, the luxurious corners of Irwan Mussry’s husband Maia Estianty’s villa from the feng shui side that was examined directly by the experts.

1. Children’s room

Irwan Mussry Luxury VillaLuxury Villa Irwan Mussry/ Photo: YouTube MAIA ALELDUL TV

Maia and Irwan have prepared a special room for their children when they visit the villa, Mother. Entering the villa, Maia immediately showed her three children’s bedrooms. He showed me a room with four beds in it.

The room looks very clean with beige walls, Mom. In addition, the door used is a glass door so that it makes the room look much wider.

According to feng shui expert, Dr. Akino W. Azzaro, the selection of glass and bed backs in Maia’s child’s room is good and appropriate, but there are some things that are not right when viewed based on feng shui. This is a door that goes hand in hand with a painting above the bed.

“If you look at the shortcomings, it seems that there are three doors side by side. Namely from entering, going into the bedroom, and going to the toilet. If the middle door on the side is not parallel to the toilet door, it will be better,” he said.

“Even though the overhead painting looks natural, the impression is too thin, not very healthy. Maybe we should give the painting a more calming and lively look. Children are a symbol of growth, so we have to give paintings that show calm and growth,” he continued. .

2. Master bedroom

Irwan Mussry Luxury VillaLuxury Villa Irwan Mussry/ Photo: YouTube MAIA ALELDUL TV

Maia then showed her the room she used to share with Irwan Mussry, Mother. Still like a child’s room, Maia and Irwan’s main bedroom also uses glass doors, you know.

In the room there is a very large and luxurious bed, Mother. In addition, there is also a white sofa equipped with small pillows.

Akino explained, overall Maia’s master bedroom is good feng shui, ma’am. However, it’s a good idea to put the sofa in front of the bed a little lower, for example like a tatami model.

“Should be lower the better. If for example the sofa is replaced with a tatami model that only sits on the floor, it means that the view is still visible, but does not block the view on the bed,” he said.

Not only that, Mother. Akino also suggested Maia to put a mosquito net on her bed. Mosquito nets will give the impression of being safe so that you sleep more soundly and avoid nightmares.

“He should sleep with a mosquito net, right? With such a prism, he subconsciously does not sleep well and dreams a lot. Maybe put a mosquito net, and the mosquito net on it maybe two layers, three layers, if necessary use a thick cloth,” said Akino.

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