3 Easy Ways to Display All Covid-19 Vaccination Status

KOMPAS.com – The government continues to make various efforts to suppress the spread of the corona virus that causes Covid-19.

In addition to the implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM), mass vaccination efforts against COVID-19 have also been intensified.

Even today, Covid-19 vaccination for children aged 12 years and over and pregnant women is also recommended.

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During its journey, the government made a Covid-19 vaccine certificate as one of the conditions for traveling and accessing public facilities.

A number of regions have implemented the public to show vaccine certificates at hotels, restaurants, tourist destinations, to domestic travelers who use cars, motorcycles, buses, trains, ships, and airplanes.

By requiring a Covid-19 vaccine certificate to access public facilities, it is hoped that herd immunity can be achieved immediately.

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So how do we show that we have been vaccinated against Covid-19?

Here are some ways:

1. Through the PeduliLindung application

The first way is through the PeduliLindung application.

Through this application, the public candownload vaccine certificate as proof that he or she has been vaccinated.

The method is as follows:

  • download PeduliProtect App via PlayStore
  • Then click “Login” and agree to the privacy policy provided
  • Click “Register” if you don’t have an account yet and follow the registration process to completion
  • If you already have an account, then fill in your Email Address or phone number to log in, then click “Log in”
  • Next, a verification request will appear sent to your email or phone number
  • Enter verification code
  • Next, grant the app permission to access location, access photo and media file storage, and camera
  • As fordownload tap on “Digital Passport”
  • Click your name, and wait a few moments then the vaccine certificate will be issued
  • If you have chosen a certificate to becomedownload then click “Download Certificate”
  • In addition, certificates can also be downloaded by clicking “Vaccine Registration”
  • Enter your NIK and full name and click “Check”
  • Then a statement will come out that you have received which vaccine
  • Click “Vaccine Certificate” under the description
  • Choose your name, then an image of a vaccine certificate that can be downloaded will appear.

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2. Via the CareProtect page

For men-download proof of vaccination through the PeduliLindung website as follows:

  • Enter browser mobile phone or PC, then type the address https://pedulilindungi.id/check-certificate
  • Next, enter your full name
  • Enter NIK, date of birth, date of vaccine, type of vaccine used
  • Check the “I am not a robot” section then click “Check”
  • Then a Vaccination Certificate will appear, click the certificate image you want to download.download
  • Click “Download Certificate”

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3. Proof of Covid-19 Vaccination Card

Example of a Covid-19 vaccine certificate.careprotect.id Example of a Covid-19 vaccine certificate.

The public can also indicate their vaccination status by using a paper vaccination card obtained after the Covid-19 vaccine.

“This (a sheet of paper containing personal data and used vaccines obtained after the vaccine) is also a vaccine card. We have two signs that we have received the vaccine in the form of a manual and electronic vaccine card,” said Vaccination Spokesperson from the Ministry of Health, Siti Nadia. Tarmizi quoted from the news Kompas.com, July 8, 2021.

He said the vaccine paper obtained after vaccination can also be used for the public when they need proof of the vaccine, such as for travel purposes.

Nadia said the existence of this vaccine card sheet is useful for those who have problems with electronics.

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