24 Celebs Who Was On Reality TV Before Fame

Every celebrity has to start somewhere. For many of them, reality TV appearances helped get their name out there before most people knew who they were.

Here are 24 celebrities who have appeared on reality shows before becoming big names in Hollywood:


When Zac Efron was 17 years old, he chose which of the three girls he wanted to date after rummaging through their bedroom on an MTV dating show. Room Robber.

MTV / Via youtube.be

Because this was before him High School Musical day, he introduced himself as a star summer land.


Britney Spears was just 10 years old when she auditioned for Star Quest in 1992.

Syndication / Via youtube.com

He lost to 12-year-old Marty Thomas, who was confident Britney would beat him.


Early in her TV career, Meghan Markle briefly held a briefcase at Agree or disagree.

GSN / Via youtube.com

She told Esquire, “I would put it in the category of things I do when I audition to try to make ends meet. I went from working at the US Embassy in Argentina to ending up in Agreed… It helps me to understand what I prefer to do.”


Laverne Cox competes for a job as a celebrity assistant at I Want to Work for Diddy in 2008, but he only made it to the second week.

VH1 / Via youtube.com

He told the Observer, “I thought it was important for audiences for the show to see black rappers and media moguls embracing a trans woman of color on television. I hope it can change things for me and other trans women of color on television. the streets and in the black community. I never really wanted to be a personal assistant. I always wanted to be an actor.”


Prior to joining Big Time Rush, Carlos PenaVega competed in a boy band formation competition event Make a little.

MTV / Via youtube.com

The MTV series seeks to recreate the success of ’80s boy band Menudo, which initially brought stars like Ricky Martin and Robi Draco Rosa into the spotlight.


Lucy Hale won american idol spin American Junior in 2003, and he formed a pop group with other winners.


Orange Is The New Black star Jackie Cruz takes art class with Kourtney Kardashian at Kourtney & Kim Take Miami.


Nine-year-old Beyonce competes in Star Quest with his group Girl’s Tyme, which later changed its name to Destiny’s Child.

Syndication / Via youtube.com

The group’s original line-up lost the competition, but Beyoncé featured footage of their performance in the music video for “Flawless”.


Kesha helps Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie find her mother dating in an episode The simple Life.

EndemolShine / Via youtube.com

For this episode, Paris and Nicole interned with a wedding planner.


Before he joined Live Saturday Night cast, Melissa Villaseñor compete in America is looking for Talent.


In 2008, then-unknown singer Lady Gaga headlined an event where the cast hills is filming.


Under her real name Emily, Emma Stone won a singing competition Looking for a New Partridge Family in 2005.

VH1 / Via youtube.com

He was awarded the part of Laurie, but only one episode of the reboot ever aired.


JoJo Siwa, complete with her iconic bow, started her career at Abby Lee Dance Company in dancing mom.

Lifetime / Via youtube.com

He joined the cast in 2015 and stayed for two seasons.


Before they became actors, Lio Tipton was third in the 11th cycle America’s Next Top Model.

CBS Television Distribution / Via youtube.com

They are famous for films like Crazy Love and Warm bodies.


Julianne Hough is one of the professionals at Dance with the stars before setting out to pursue music and acting.


Miranda Lambert placed third in the singing competition Nashville Star years before his first album went #1.


Cardi B joins the cast Love & Hip Hop: New York in Season 6.


Jordin Sparks wins a local TV singing competition called arizona idol, which let him cross the line to her american idol audition.


A few years before making Escape from the Night, Joey Graceffa competed in Amazing Race.


In 2003, Carly Rae Jepsen made it to the top three in Canadian Idol.

CTV / Via youtube.com

Five years later, she reached the top of the charts with “Call Me Maybe.”


When she was 14 years old, Alanis Morissette auditioned for Star Quest.

Syndication / Via youtube.com

He didn’t win, but he went on to record his first hit five years later.


Before becoming a YouTuber, Phil Lester competed on quiz shows Weakest Link.


Before she became the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger competed in pop star.

WB / Via youtube.com

He is part of Eden’s Crush, which consists of pop star winner, before joining the Pussycat Dolls.


And finally, Kacey Musgraves took seventh place Nashville Starfifth season.

USA Network / Via youtube.com

He told Yahoo! Music, “It was a great platform to get used to being in the industry and see what it’s like to be away from my little hometown in Texas.”

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