15 Celebrities With Their Movie Partners Vs. Real Partner

Imagine finding true love on screen and dying. 👀


Randall Park, who plays Marcus, Sasha’s lover in Always Be My Possible, married fellow actor Jae Suh Park.

Netflix (left), Rebecca Sapp/Stringer/Getty Images (right)


Amy Schumer, who plays Dr. Aaron in train accident, married chef Chris Fischer.

Mary Cybulski / Universal Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection (left); Walter McBride / WireImage / Getty Images

Schumer meets Fischer, his personal assistant brother, on his way to Martha’s Vineyard. He was invited to cook for Schumer, but they matched and became items. They married just a few months later and had a child together.


Mark Ruffalo, who plays Matt, Jennana’s lover 13 Continue 30, married actor Sunrise Coigney.

Sony Pictures / youtu.be (left), Charley Gallay / Stringer / Getty Images (right)

Ruffalo has been married to his wife for 14 years. The two met before Ruffalo’s fame, when he lived in a converted garage and would fail auditions after failed auditions. In an interview, Ruffalo said Sunrise believed in her acting skills from the start.


Kumail Nanjiani, who plays alone in Big Sick, married Emily V. Gordon.

Sarah Shatz / Lionsgate / Courtesy Everett Collection (left), Allen Berezovsky / Stringer / Getty Images (right)

Just like in the movie, the pair met on a comedy show where Nanjiani was appearing. While they were dating, Gordon had to be induced into a coma due to complications with his Still’s Disease, which bonded the couple closer together. They tied the knot just three months after his recovery and then wrote Big Sick as a tribute to their love story. It’s all very healthy.


Billy Crystal, who plays Harry, Sallyly’s love interest When Harry met Sally, married his teenage sweetheart, Janice.

Columbia Pictures (left), Emma McIntyre / Getty Images (right)

Billy has been married to his wife, Janice, for more than half a century. They were only 18 and 19 when they met—now they have grown up in the film industry, as well as grandchildren. Crystal said in an interview that the key to her marriage was listening to each other and laughing a lot.


Omar Epps, who plays Quincy McCall, Monica’s lover in Love & Basketball, married former R&B artist Keisha.

New Line Cinema / Courtesy Everett Collection (left), Leon Bennett / Stringer / Getty Images (right)

Epps and his wife of 16 years have two children together, in addition to a child that Epps had in a previous relationship. The couple first dated in 1992, but broke up for several years before getting back together. Epps said the secret to their marriage was knowing that “breaking up was impossible.”


Kate Hudson, who plays Andie, Benjamin Benjamin’s lover How to Lose a Man in 10 Days, is with longtime partner Danny Fujikawa.

Paramount Pictures (left), Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images (right) / Via youtu.be

Hudson and Fujikawa made their first public appearance as a couple in 2017, although they had known each other long before that. Hudson had been good friends with Fujikawa’s half-brother for many years, so he saw her often. He ended up taking her out on a hiking trip and they have been together ever since.


Damon Wayans Jr., who plays Nick, Susan Susan’s love interest Love, Guaranteed, married Samara Saraiva.

Netflix (left), David Livingston / Getty Images (right)

Wayans met his wife, first at an awkward dinner where they didn’t really get along, and then at a party where she knelt on his crotch. Apparently, the move worked, as they’ve been together ever since.


Sarah Paulson, who plays Amanda, Jim Jim’s love interest Blue Jay, is with longtime partner Holland Taylor.

Netflix (left), Karwai Tang / Getty Images (right)

Paulson and Taylor said they had met at a party a long time ago, but reconnected in 2015 while working together on a women’s rights campaign. The famous actor then started dating after Taylor logged onto Paulson’s Twitter DM. In a previous interview, Paulson said he hopes the large age difference between the couple inspires others to love who they want to be.


Freida Pinto, who plays Latika, Jamal’s lover in Slumdog Millionaire, engaged to photographer Cory Tran.

Fox Searchlight / Courtesy Everett Collection (left), Elisabetta Villa / Getty Images (right)

Pinto is dating him Slumdog Millionaire costar Dev Patel for years, but they eventually parted ways. Pinto and Tran made their first public appearance at the 2018 US Open and later announced their engagement in 2019. Now, Pinto is expecting his first child with Tran.


Ross Lynch, who plays Brady, Mack’s lover in Teen Beach Movies, is dating actor Jaz Sinclair.

Disney (left), Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images (right)

Lynch and Sinclair meet on set Sabrina’s Cold Adventure, where their fictional character is dating. They decided to make the relationship a reality last year and confirmed their relationship on TikTok.


Steve Martin, who plays Tom Baker, Kate’s husband in Cheaper by Lusin, married writer Anne Stringfield.

Disney (left), Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images (right)

Martin met his wife Anne in the mid-2000s. Stringfield is a fact checker for New Yorkers and he was assigned to fact-check one of Martin’s comedies. After talking back and forth on the phone for a year, the couple finally met. They married in 2007 and have a small daughter together.


Carla Gugino, who plays Ingrid, Gregorio’s wife in spy boy, is with longtime partner Sebastian Gutierrez.

Dimension Films (left), Bruce Glikas / Getty Images (right) / Via youtu.be

Gugino and filmmaker/screenwriter Gutierrez have been together for 16 years. Gugino lives with Gutierrez and his teenage children in Los Angeles. In an interview, she once said that the couple didn’t feel the need to get married because “Nothing is holding us back here other than our desire to be together.”


Annette Bening, who plays Nic, Jules’ wife in Kids are fine, married actor Warren Beatty.

Feature Focus (Left), Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / Getty Images (Right) / Via youtu.be

Bening first met Beatty at a restaurant after expressing her interest in being in the film Bugsy. While filming the film, Bening became pregnant with the couple’s first child and the couple soon got married.


Henry Golding, who plays Nick, Rachel’s lover in crazy Rich Asians, married to fitness instructor Liv Lo.

Warner Bros. Pictures (left), Steven Ferdman / Stringer / Getty Images (right)

Golding and Lo met on New Year’s Eve 2010 after Lo made his first move. After chatting, the couple started dating long distance. They finally married in 2016 and Lo gave birth to their child earlier this year.

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