12 Sad Korean Movies, Get Ready for a Flood of Tears


In addition to Korean dramas, Korean films can also be an interesting spectacle for you when you fill your spare time. Need an event when you have to be at home because of an emergency PPKM? The following are recommendations for sad Korean films.

The following Korean films from the horror genre to romance can also make you shed tears while watching them. This tear-jerking big screen stars a series of well-known Korean actors and actresses such as Gong Yoo, Park Shin Hye, So Ji Sub, Son Ye Jin to young stars like DO EXO.

Here is a row of sad Korean films:

1. Child Werewolf

Sad Korean MoviesSad Korean Movies Photo: Doc. IMDB, Instagram

The film A Werewolf Boy tells the story of an old woman named Kim Sun-yi, in her sixties who lives in the US. He gets a call from South Korea informing him that his family’s house is for sale.

Eventually he returns to South Korea and meets his granddaughter, Eun Joo. His grandson took him to his teenage home in a remote village.

Sun-Yi with her mother and sister moved to the village to recover after experiencing problems with her lungs.

Just then young Sun Yi found a young man with a wild face in his yard. The young man could neither speak nor read. Eventually Sun Yi taught him everything and his mother adopted the child. The young man they named Chul-soo.

Sun Yi was initially annoyed by Chul-soo’s behavior. But then the two get closer as Sun Yi teaches Chul-soo things with a dog teaching guide. Togetherness that makes them fall in love with each other.

A Werewolf Boy aired in 2012. Included in a row of sad Korean films, this big screen stars Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young.

2. Hope

Sad Korean MoviesSad Korean Movies Photo: Doc. IMDB, Instagram

Synopsis Korean film Hope tells the story of a little girl named So-won who has an ideal life with her parents, Dong-hoon and Mi-hee. Until one day she was kidnapped, beaten, and raped by a foreign man.

So-won suffered head trauma and had to undergo surgery. A surgeon tells Dong-hoon that So-won will have to use a colostomy bag all her life. With the help of Jung-sook, a psychiatrist, she is able to identify the perpetrator of the rape.

So-won’s rapist is arrested at her home. The incident made his family and friends anxious and attracted media attention. When the journalists meet at the hospital, Dong-hoon takes So-won to another room and hides her from media coverage.

3. Love Health

Sad Korean MoviesSad Korean Movies Photo: Doc. IMDB, Instagram

The Korean film Salut D’Amor tells the story of Sung-chil, a cranky 70-year-old man who lives alone in a local supermarket as a part-timer. Jang-soo owns a supermarket and president of the area’s reconstruction project. He tries to get Sung-chil’s autograph for the reconstruction project. Sung Chil is the only person who refuses reconstruction.

Sung-chil stubbornly opposes any changes in his lifestyle. Then he meets Geum-nim, his new neighbor, a passionate but fun-loving retired woman. Geum-num operates the flower shop next door. Sung-chil likes Geum-nim. But Geum-nim’s daughter doesn’t approve of the relationship.

4. With you

With youWith you Photo: doc. Lotte Entertainment

The next sad Korean film is titled Be With You. The big screen, starring So Ji Sub and Son Ye Jin, is guaranteed to bring tears to the audience.

Synopsis Be With You tells the story of a woman named Soo-ah who before she died made a promise to her husband Woo-jin and her son Jung Ji-ho, that she would return at the start of the rainy season. Miracles do happen. At the start of the rainy season, Soo-ah returns to her husband and children, but she doesn’t remember them.

5. Moments to Remember

Sad Korean MoviesSad Korean Movies Photo: Doc. IMDB, Instagram

The Korean film A Moment To Rember tells the story of a woman named Su Jin (Son Ye Jin) who accidentally meets Chul Soo (Jung Woo Sung). They misunderstood when Su Jin picked up the wrong can of drink at the convenience store. Fate brings them back together and establish a relationship. Until something happened that made him lose his memory.

6. Ode To My Dad

Sad Korean MoviesSad Korean Movies Photo: Doc. IMDB, Instagram

Ode To My Father is a sad Korean film about a family that was released in 2014. This sad Korean film tells the story of the 1950 evacuation of Hungnam in the Korean War, where thousands of civilians who were supposed to be North Koreans were moved to the South by the US. At that time a boy named Deok Soo lost his younger brother named Mak-soon. His father tries to find Mak-soon.

The father asks Deok-soo to take his mother and two younger siblings to Busan. In that city, Deok-soo’s aunt operates an imported goods shop. The father asks Deok-soo to promise that he will be the head of the family in the house.

In her early years, Deok-soo had to work to support her family. In the 1960s, he was forced to move to Europe due to economic needs with his best friend Dal-goo. He worked as a coal miner in Germany.

7. Harmony

Sad Korean MoviesSad Korean Movies Photo: Doc. IMDB, Instagram

The Korean film Harmony tells the story of Moon Ok, a music lecturer from a public university who is sentenced to death for committing a crime caused by violence by her husband and mother-in-law. He confronts a naive woman, named Jeong-Hye (Kim Yunjin) in prison, who kills her husband due to physical assault. Jeong-Hye was pregnant at the time of her arrest, and the baby was later born in custody.

Eighteen months later, baby Jeong had to be left for adoption. Jeong-Hye arranges a prison choir to spend a day outside the prison with her baby.

This sad Korean film was released in 2010 and stars Kim Yunjin and Na Moon-Hee.

8. Warm Paws

Sad Korean MoviesSad Korean Movies Photo: Doc. IMDB, Instagram

The next sad Korean film about a family that makes you cry is Hearty Paws, which tells the story of two brothers, an 11-year-old boy, Chan-Yi (Yoo Seung-ho) and his younger sister, So-Yii. They were abandoned by their mother.

Chan-Yi agrees to give his sister a puppy for her 6th birthday. He sneaks into the old couple’s house and picks up a newborn dog he’s been waiting for. They are happy, even though they live a terrible life. However, after a terrible event, everything changes; So Yi died. Chan-Yi blames his dog for the incident and goes to find his mother. Little did he know that the only family he had at that time was his dog.

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