10 Sad Tragedy in the Marvel Universe

The superheroes have done everything in their power to prevent the various crimes that exist. However, of course they can’t always be there. Something bad will still happen. This is a reality that superheroes in the comics world have to deal with, and it also applies to characters in Marvel Comics.

Although they have the power and ability to stop various evils, in reality they cannot stop every terrible and terrible event that occurs. Sometimes they also have to accept the painful reality. Here are some of the most heartbreaking moments in the Marvel Universe.

Goliath’s Death

There are many things that happened and did by Iron Man in Civil War story. However, the most severe is probably the death of Bill Foster aka Goliath. Iron Man develops a Thor robot clone and the clone kills Goliath. The clone emitted lightning that directly pierced his chest.

Tony Stark himself managed to get DNA from Thor after he took some of his hair, after the first meeting of the Avengers. He did this on purpose as a precaution. Tony uses Thor clones a number of times, including in peak battles. What Tony did was considered a bad thing by killing one of his friends.

Thanos Moment Decimation

Unlimited Gloves is one of the historical events of Marvel Comics. Because, in the story we see how a criminal can do something very crazy. Thanos is a villain who has the power of the Infinity Stones in his Infinity Gauntlet. He also then did the Decimation or massacre, in which half of the inhabitants of the Marvel universe disappeared.

Ironically, what Thanos does is solely to make the person he likes happy. That figure was the Mistress of Death. However, Death himself was not impressed by what Thanos was doing. Luckily the Infinity Gauntlet was recaptured and those who were lost were able to return.

The Scarlet Witch Kills Her Spouse

comic series Avengers Unpacked represents the Avengers’ worst period. Scarlet Witch (who goes into a mental breakdown after she learns that the other Avengers have erased some of her memories) uses her powers to manipulate reality. And with that power, Scarlet Witch attacks her comrades in the Avengers. Vision, Ant-Man, and Hawkeye had to lose their lives in this event. Avengers Mansion was also destroyed during the attack.

Eliminating Mutant Powers

Scarlet Witch has done a lot of terrible things. Apart from killing his comrades in the Avengers, he also attacks the mutant race because he feels angry with his father, Magneto, who is very mean to him and he also tries to use the Scarlet Witch to his advantage. Because Wanda lost control, it took away the dynamics of the Marvel Universe. The mutant race also had to suffer. The worst, of course, is when the Red Witch loses her abilities. Not a few of them had to lose their lives, because they depended on the strength of the mutants.

Captain America Takes Over America

Captain America is often considered an example of freedom, but that changes when the Cosmic Cube is used to keep him young again. This happened after his super soldier serum was taken. At the time, Steve Rogers was described as one of the Hydra agents. He devised a plan for Hydra to rule America and the world.

Many Americans were imprisoned and executed by Hydra and Captain America himself began hunting down his former comrades. The moments that occur in the series Secret Empire this is truly one of the most controversial and heartbreaking moments of Captain America in its history. The fans were not willing if Steve became a part of Hydra.


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