10 Criminals Who Almost Killed Goku!

Goku is one of the characters known for his incredible strength from the start of the series Dragon Ball started. Even though Goku is very strong, there are several villains in the series Dragon Ball who manages to almost defeat Goku and corner him. Although in the end the following villains lost, but knowing the fact that Goku had been cornered and almost died at their hands. So here are the ten baddies who managed to almost kill Goku.

Dr Wheelo

Dr. Wheelo is a mad scientist who conducts experiments and becomes the main villain in the film Dragon Ball Z: The World’s Strongest. He is one of Goku’s opponents who managed to corner him and almost blow up the earth. The intelligence of Dr. Wheelo made him a strong enough villain and managed to defeat Goku in his first fight, even though at that time Goku was already using Kaioken X4. But in the end Goku managed to save the earth and defeat Dr. Wheelo after using the spirit bomb in time.

His . Cooling Forms and Five Supernovas

Cooler is Frieza’s older brother who avenges his younger brother’s defeat to Goku. This alien power is known to be quite dangerous and makes Goku slump. Cooler is famous for his fifth form and his terrifying Supernova powers. Even when Goku is helped by his friends to defeat Cooler together, it’s still not enough to match Cooler’s strength. At that time Cooler was also assisted by Saiza and almost caught Goku off guard if it weren’t for Piccolo who came to save Goku.

Super Garlic Jr.

Super Garlic Jr. is the villain in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone. This character is different from other villains who have a body shape powerful and frightening facial expressions. Garlic Jr. is a criminal who has a small body shape and a face similar to the Namek race, the difference being that his dominant skin color is lighter than Namek races like Piccolo. But he has the power to produce wormholes and almost manages to get Goku sucked into the hole. Unfortunately the moment was stopped by Gohan, and finally Garlic Jr. was defeated.

Mr Snail

Lord Slug is one of the fairly well-known villains of the franchise Dragon Ball, This namek race appears in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Lord Snail. Physically Lord Slug has a very large physical form with a body shape similar to the Namek race in general. Its power is a very fast regeneration technique, so Lord Slug is very difficult to defeat by Goku alone. To defeat this monster, Goku must team up with Piccolo and awaken the Kaioken X100 technique. Finally, with great difficulty, Goku and Piccolo managed to take the monster down.


Turles is one of the evil Saiyans who came because he had evil intentions on earth. The arrival of Turles is to plant a giant tree that serves to absorb the life energy of the earth. The turtle appears in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Three Powers, and in the film it proves the power of Turles is dangerous enough for Goku to face alone. Even in the film, Turles can barely absorb the earth’s energy collected by the giant tree he planted. But unfortunately it was blocked by Goku and made him lose. Although Goku had to work hard to defeat Turles, he managed to thwart Turles’ evil plans.


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