– The figure of the late Nike Ardilla is still remembered by the wider community, especially in the hearts of his fans. This beautiful singer died on March 19, 1995 while still at the peak of his popularity. He is very well remembered for having quality works, as well as having an iconic style typical of the 90s.

The longing for Nike Ardilla was slightly cured when the figure of Amel appeared who was considered to have a face similar to Nike Ardilla. Amel’s resemblance to the star also made him viral on social media. Although now widely known, Amel, who has an introverted personality, has to face various responses from netizens.

Well, here Summarized from various sources, Sunday (4/7), the harsh words of Amel, who has a face similar to Nike Ardilla, went viral on social media.

1. On Irfan Hakim’s YouTube channel, Amel admitted that it was hard to believe that he had a resemblance to Nike Ardilla. According to him, the star has a very charming face.

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