10 Cliche Things That Often Happen in FTV Azab

Soap operas are one of the mandatory spectacles for the public to entertain themselves from being tired of activities. Of the many soap opera genres, romantic or religious themes are usually number one on mothers’ watch lists.

Because of its popularity, cliches in soap operas are always used again in other titles to boost ratings. Want to know what are the cliches in soap operas?

Here’s the discussion!

1. Always use the female main character who is being mistreated

Cup This one menu has become a mandatory menu in every soap opera.

Usually this main character is a pious woman but is arranged so that she cannot resist any acts of violence or deception she receives. All you can do is be patient, pray and then come up with the typical “How come, man!”

But make no mistake, this kind of character model can cause combo bad luck if you do. For those of you who follow excitement, The harassed woman is like a Wonder of U stand that can give bad karma to bad people.

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2. The main character loses his memory

This cliche usually occurs at the beginning of a story that takes the theme of searching for identity and memory.

Usually, either due to the interference of the antagonist or pure accident, usually the protagonist will lose the memory of his true identity. This is what the enemy uses to gain more advantage.

However, in the end the protagonist will remember and be happy forever.

3. A broken plate is a bad sign

Usually what is often experienced by the mother of the protagonist or antagonist.

While sweeping, mopping, or doing other household chores, characters accidentally bump into glassware such as plates. After being surprised, you know what he said next?

“Why, I’m not feeling well, huh?”

Don’t forget, it also applies to other properties such as glasses, vases, ceramic figurines.

4. The typical words of doctors who have given up

“Sorry, we did our best.”

These words are always spoken by doctors who act as if they are dealing with a chronic illness or accidental injury. In fact, he just put on a stethoscope.

Come to think of it, doctors in soap operas are also great. Can immediately drop a verdict with a heart rate diagnosis modal.

5. His inner voice is loud

Soap operas are the kind of spectacle that makes the viewer feel like an esper.

The reason is this one cliché. Although the character is quiet, the voice of his heart will be heard on your television speakers. For those of you who want to be like Xavier from X-Men, watching soap operas will make you feel the experience mind reading without having to be an omega-level mutant.

The risk is yes, you get bored quickly because the character’s motives that should be hidden are just revealed.

6. Destruction at the end of the story

This scene is usually a favorite of many people.

After a long time of hurting the protagonist whose level of patience is beyond reason, the antagonist finally gets a series of unrelenting havoc. His unfortunate fate continued even to the funeral procession.

Various strange events will occur starting from flying coffins, buffalo butting out of nowhere, the emergence of gas cylinders, pocong entering the molen engine and others.

Finally the mourners could only say “How are you, Pak Kyai?”

7. Illogical accident scene

This one moment is not tense, it’s a joke.

Just imagine, the distance from the car to the character is still far enough so that there is still time to dodge. Instead of running, the character screams incoherently until a collision occurs which in the view of normal people is also not too loud.

Even more strange, there are also many soap opera characters who died even though they only looked a little scratched on the head.

8. Kyai characters can perform magical techniques like Tokusatsu characters

This cliché but magical thing was once popular in religious horror soap operas in the 2000s era.

Usually a character like this is present as a savior figure who will conquer the antagonist in the form of a supernatural entity. Not only with prayer. the character can also perform techniques that usually exist in anime or fantasy themed anime tokusasastu as Ultraman.

Therefore, it is not surprising that religious soap operas used to often feature scenes of genies shot with laser beams from the kiai.

9. Unrepentant antagonists usually die

Must have!  These are 10 cliches that often occur in FTV AzabVarious sources

There are two alternative paths for antagonists in soap operas.

Usually, the antagonist who constantly hurts the protagonist will start receiving bad karma. Whether from a bankrupt business, his crimes are exposed even to death.

Meanwhile, those who come to their senses and make peace with the protagonist can still survive at the end of the story. Even if they die, they will die in a state khusnul khatimah.

10. Closing scenes are usually made at funerals

As far as I have observed in every religious soap opera, usually the closing scene will be placed at the burial site.

Characters usually gather around the grave of the deceased and mourn his passing. After that, they left the graves of their loved ones.

For this one I don’t mind because it has a philosophical meaning that usually all humans will end up in the grave.

Those are the cliches you can find in religious soap operas. If there are additions, don’t forget to tell them in the comments column, yes!

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